Monday, July 11, 2011

Knowing your price points! :D

When you shop with coupons, you need to know how much to spend on each item. So I am writing a list, and the different  type of scenerios you can do ALL the time!

Toothpaste:Free! Never pay for toothpaste!
Toothbrushes:Free! Never pay for toothbreushes! Ever!
Cereal:Less than a dollar per box.
Trial Size Products: Free!
Shampoo/Conditioner:Less than 75 cents (Unless, it is a nicer brand, like John Frieda,Sexy Hair, etc.)
Medicines: Less than 3 dollars, sometimes even cheaper!
First Aid: Less than 75 cents
Body Wash/Soap: Less than 1 dollar!
Cleaning Supplies: Less than 2 dollars (Sometimes better, sometimes more expensive)
Dressings/Marinades/Seasonings: 2 dollars or less (Most of the time cheaper)
More to come! :D

1 comment:

  1. Thanks! I would love to know how you get cereal for less than $1/box. I used to be able to do that sometimes, but haven't for a long time because of the rise in prices, at least in my area. Do you find those deals at a certain store?