Walgreens Store Guide! :D

Okay, so the first thing you need to know is that Walgreens is going to be abbreviated alot,especially in my blog. Wags. Just another way to say Walgreens. :) Also they have an Awesome program but it is complicated AT FIRST. Register Rewards (RR) are like free money. All you have to do is buy a PARTICIPATING product (featured in the weekly ad). You CAN combine the program with coupons! But,ONLY 1 RR will print out per purchase,even if you buy 10. So I always split up my transactions,the cashiers don't give you a hard time (they should'nt). Go to the Cosmetic Counter because the lines are typically shorter,and they have samples behind the counter (ASK for them) Wags ALWAYS has store coupons that you can combine with manafacture coupons to stretch your dollar even more! Walgreens puts out a monthly coupon book, with awesome Walgreens coupons! Also you cannot roll the Rewards for the same product and/or any product from the same brand/manufacture if the deal is featured un the weekly ad as a RR promotion. :) Hope this helped! :D

If your not too good about learning by reading, check out this video!